Our sessions are designed to not only provide you with beautiful photos, but a transformative experience that celebrates YOU--your essence, your inner beauty, your power. 

a luxe portrait experience


for THE 



"I'm not photogenic"

"I just need to lose weight first"

"Why do I need all of those pictures of myself?"

"I can't spend that much money on myself"

Listen, let me tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Self-love is a journey!  I know that firsthand and am working on it daily, but just look at how far you've come and how much you've grown in your life already. You are perfectly and beautifully made, and you owe it to yourself to celebrate that.

There is no such thing as being "photogenic." I believe people are photogenic when they are being authentic and open. It's my job and my absolute joy to create a safe, fun environment for you to feel comfortable to be yourself and let loose. As far as the details--the styling, the posing, etc---I got you on all of that! 

Transform Moments into Timeless Art

There's something undeniably special about adorning your home with your own cherished photographs. Each image captures a moment in time, frozen for eternity, and when you place these visual treasures on your walls, you're weaving the tapestry of your life into the very fabric of your living space.

They are more than just pictures; they're one of kind art pieces that are a reflection of your unique journey.  As you walk past these images each day, you're reminded of your power. You're reminded of the love, joy, and adventures that have shaped your life. It's like a magical portal to the past and a constant source of warmth and nostalgia.

Let your walls tell your story

Shy Richards, Author

"Stepping in front of the lens was something I was uncomfortable with…I had an obstacle to overcome allowing myself to be publicly critiqued by my peers. I am a creator using my pen or camera to capture the true essence of my art. Working with Tara Gulledge Photography has allowed me to create a new version of art… it felt natural accepting Tara’s direction to coach me into a masterpiece. She told her vision of my story one photo at a time."

Erica Thernize

"Wow just wow! From the moment I walked through the door, Tara made me feel so welcome, loved, and cared for.

This photography session was very important to me as she was capturing one of the most special moments in my life, my first pregnancy! Her knowledge of light and the female pregnant body is remarkable. We tried many different poses and she directed me in such a gentle way. Tara made sure I was always comfortable or needed a small break.

I couldn't be more in love with how my photos turned out. Now that my baby girl is here, I often find myself looking back at these photos and reminiscing on this magical time in my life."

Sarah Spurger

"I truly felt taken care of by Tara from the moment I met her for my initial consultation. On the day of the shoot, you arrive at her beautiful loft and Tara is completely prepared and ready to get to work! I must also note how genuinely warm Tara is. The process of being photographed can be daunting or intimidating and Tara’s presence makes it impossible to hold onto any nerves.

I love how she directed me to get the perfect expression or pose. Her background as an actor really gives her an edge here; Tara knows how to elicit specific, interesting emotions and masterfully capture them within the same moment. I was truly blown away with Tara and her work from start to finish."

Here's what people are saying

I'm so grateful to have found a profession that lights up my heart and mind. I've been photographing people professionally for 11 years and I still cannot get enough. Creating art by way of collaborating and connecting with others is truly my calling.

My favorite thing about art is there is no top, no peak of skill and talent. I will forever be learning, creating, and evolving...and joyfully meeting amazing humans along the way.

Oh and I love dogs, Mexican food, Harry Potter.....what else do you wanna know?

fan of hugs and high-fives
& uplifter of others, always.

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