I love meeting people, building authentic connections, and helping others see how freakin' fantastic they are. 

hello, friend!


Hi, I'm Tara

I'm a portrait photographer with a passion for creating photographs that showcase beautiful authenticity. 

I am your go-to Atlanta photographer and expert hype girl. It’s my greatest joy to empower my clients by creating a warm, safe space for them to express themselves. 

I first started learning professional photography 11 years ago.  I started with shooting headshots for other actors in my acting class and fell in love with capturing authentic emotion and the true essence of someone.  I love bringing that to all of my sessions. You don't have to be an actor for me to help bring that out in our shoot. I take pride in creating a safe, fun space for my clients to really shine as themselves. 

I want to show you how beautiful you are. I want you to value yourself and know that you are worthy and wonderful just how you are. You don’t need to change anything about yourself to “be ready” for a photo shoot. I want to celebrate your uniqueness, your curves, and your *perceived* “flaws.” There is no one like you in the world. Let’s celebrate that!

The beauty of art is there is no top, no peak of skill and talent. I will forever be learning, creating, striving...and meeting amazing humans along the way.